Alias Mod

Enable Alias cards, which alias one simple card name to another.

The primary use case for alias cards is for handling redirects, for example after a card has been renamed. Suppose, for example, a card’s name is changed from Former to Current. One can create an Alias card named “Former” with the content “Current”. This not only insures that links to /Former will be redirected to /Current, but it also handles all descendants, redirecting /Former+field to /Current+field and /My+Former+Life to /My+Current+Life.

Alias cards themselves must be simple cards and are not allowed to have children.

If a request to an alias specifies a view, eg /Former?view=edit, then the request will not be redirected and will instead return the view of the Alias card itself. Similarly, transactional requests (create, update, and delete) to the alias card will take effect on the alias, not the target.

Cards with codenames

codename default name purpose
:alias Alias Cardtype of aliases

Sets with code rules

type: Alias

An alias card’s name is the alias’s source, and its content is its target. So, in the example above, the Alias card would be named Former and its content would be Current.

Content is stored as a card id.


event name when purpose
validate_alias_source on save ensures name is simple and card has no children
validate_alias_target on save ensures target is existing simple card



event name when purpose
create_alias_upon_rename triggered creates an alias from old name to new one


Extends #edit_name_buttons so that when renaming, user is presented with a checkbox to trigger the creation of an alias

All Plus

Handle aliasing of compound names when at least one name part is an alias.


event name when purpose
validate_not_alias on save prevents creation of deescendents of aliases


Module that enables card controller to handle alias-driven redirects and ensure that transaction requests act upon the correct card (the alias when simple, the target when compound).