This mod lets you run card events after sending an act response by using DelayedJobs.

Any card event defined in the integrate_with_delay stage will be handled after an act is completed. For example, suppose you define a notify event in integrate_with_delay that’s intended to notify you when someone edits a card. With this mod, the email will be sent after the card is edited and the editor has received his web response.

At present you will need to add the following configuration to application.rb or an environments.rb file:

config.active_job.queue_adapter = :delayed_job
config.delaying = true

You will then need to run a separate background process to process these events, eg:

 script/delayed_job start

See for more info.

To have access to a web interface to inspect the jobs, add something like this to config/routes.rb:

require 'decko/engine'
require 'delayed_job_web'

Rails.application.routes.draw do
 mount DelayedJobWeb => "/*admin/delayed_job"
 mount Decko::Engine => '/'

…and then it will show up at /*admin/delayed_job.