Follow sets cards, get notified when any card in the set changes.


Cards ruling notifications include:

Follow preferences (or follow rules)

name type content
[Set]+[User]+:follow Pointer list of follow options

Each rule determines cases in which the User should be notified about changes to the Set.

These cards have special permission handling, granting full permission to the User.

Special views include:

  • follow_item
  • follow_status

Follow options

name type content
*optionname Basic (blank)

Each follow preference can point to one or more of the following follow options.

  • always: notify user after every create, update, and delete
  • never: do not notify user
  • created: notify user when a card is created
  • edited: notify user when a card is created or updated

Follow dashboard

name type content
[User]+:follow Pointer(virtual) list of sets

Core view shows Follow and Ignore tabs. Each tab has a list of the user’s preferences in follow_item view. Navigate to this card via the card submenu (account > follow).

Special views include: - follow_tab - ignore_tab

Follow suggestions

name type content
:follow_suggestions Pointer list of follow settings

This advanced global setting lets sharks determine what suggestions will appear on the follow dashboard. Any item not currently followed will be suggested.

Each suggestion can take the form of either [Set] or [Set]+[Follow Option].

Following status

name type content
+:following Pointer(virtual) card’s follow status for current user

With this card, users can see and/or edit whether they are following the card in question.

This view is seen via the “follow” item in the main card menu or via activity > follow in the submenu.

Special views include: - core a follow edit interface if signed in - status


name type content
+:followers Pointer(virtual) list of users

User who are following the card in question.

(not integrated into interface)

Email template

name type content
follower notification email Email Template (nested email config)

The to field is handled automatically. All other fields can be sharked.

Useful views added by this mod include:

  • list_of_changes (updates coming soon)
  • subedits: (updates coming soon)
  • followed: label of set followed
  • unfollow_url: link to remove the following rule that led to this email

Follow fields

name type content
[Set]+:follow_fields Pointer (rule) list of fields

These rules rules are advanced configuration that let sharks determine which of a card’s fields are automatically followed when a user follow that card.

The default value is :includes, which means that nested cards are followed by default.



A class for stashing followers of a given card.


A module for tracking and grouping follow options and their processing code.


  • review / address follow references in:
    • rich_html/
      • menu
      • toolbar
    • all/rules